Monday, June 15, 2009

Anthrax 1982 Demo

The first demo from Anthrax released by the band in July, 1982.

Across the River / Howling Furies
I Will Take You There
Leader of the Land

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Possessed - Death Metal demo (1984)

Classic death metal demo from Bay Area thrashers Possessed. This tape was recorded with Brian Montana on guitar. Includes tracks that were later included on the Seven Churches LP.

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Exodus - Turk Street demo (1984)

Recorded at Turk Street studio in 1984 (hence the title). Three songs include vocals. The band ran out of money and never completed this recording. Produced by Doug Piercy (Heathen).

Bonded by Blood
And then There Were None
Metal Command
No Love
Deliver Us to Evil
Strike of the Beast
Death Row

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Megadeth - Last Rites demo (1984)

Gar Sauelson joined the band sometime after this demo was recorded.
Lee Rausch plays drums on the demo. The band used the demo to secure a deal with Combat, which led to Killing is My Business.

Last Rites/Loved to Deth
The Skull Beneath the Skin

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Vio-Lence - Mechanic Demo (1988)

Vio-Lence signed to Mechanic in the late 80's. To hype the band, this demo was recorded prior to the recording of Eternal Nightmare and a huge promo campaign was launched to give away free demos. I remember seeing these ads all over the metal magazines. I used to have a copy of the actual tape....and though Eternal Nightmare is far superior, there's a raw energy to these demos that rules. Not a huge fan of the double tracked vocals though. Paraplegic was left off of the album due to some controversy with the lyrics. around 5,000 copies of this tape were released. Enjoy.

Eternal Nightmare
Kill on Command
Bodies on Bodies

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Defiance - Hypothermia demo (1988)

This demo led to a deal with Roadrunner that produced three great full lengths.

Engineered by Patrick Couglin, Mike Kaufman & Ace Cook
Recorded at Dragon Studios

Product of Society
Missing In Action + Aftermath (instr.)

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Epidemic - Extremeties demo (1991)

My favorite of all the releases from Epidemic. They put out a few records on Metal Blade in the early 90's, but I prefer this demo to anything else they released. Circle of Fools is classic.

Circle Of Fools

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