Saturday, June 13, 2009

Metallica - No Life Till Leather (Demo 1982)

The tape that started it all in the US. This copy is first generation and sounds excellent. I love the raw energy and attitude that comes through on this recording. James sounds almost exactly like Sean Harris from Diamond Head (much more so than on Kill Em All) Dave Mustaine plays lead guitar on this recording and Rob McGovney plays bass (though Cliff Burton is credited on the demo as a member of the band).

"Hit the Lights" - 4:19
"The Mechanix" - 4:28
"Motorbreath" - 3:18
"Seek & Destroy" - 4:55
"Metal Militia" - 5:17
"Jump in the Fire" - 3:51
"Phantom Lord" - 3:33

Download Here
password: metallegions

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